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Thriving Learners

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Every individual has a unique combination of abilities and attributes that when recognized, nurtured and challenged, promote the realization of potential....

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As we work to develop a thriving community of learners, we continue to explore research and practices to help us reach the heart and mind of every child every day. Explore each focus area to find articles, links, tips, templates, and pictures of practice to help you develop a rich culture of thinking.

Key Highlights

Interactive Understanding Map to help you identify the best routine to uncover your intended core understanding and thinking

Routine templates that can be adapted for any content and subject area

Maker challenges and local resources to help you empower your students to go out and shape their worlds

Teaching for Understanding framework graphic which explains the four key components

Curated list of fellowships available for educators who are passionate about building global competency in their classroom and district as well as helping students thrive in our complex and interconnected world.

Focus Areas Resources

  • Creating Cultures of Thinking
  • aking Learning Visible
  • Teaching for Understanding
  • Maker Centered Learning
  • Teaching for Global & Cultural


It is our shared vision to become a thriving community of learners in an environment that embraces a culture of thinking. But what does that really mean, what does it look like, and how can you the parents support this type of learning at home?

9 Apps for Parents

As Quaker Valley teachers continue to embed thinking routines in their classrooms, it is our hope that parents will encourage additional Visible Thinking discussions at home by using Ron Ritchhart’s 9 Apps for Parents.

  • Name And Notice Thinking
  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Challenge But Don't Rescue 
  • What Questions Did You Ask Today?
  • Focus On The Learning Over The Work
  • Support Your Child In Arguing Effectively And Persuasively
  • Provide Time To Pursue Passions
  • Make Your Own Thinking Visible
  • What Makes You Say That?


You have the power to make and create a better world. Explore the resources below to see what you can tinker, make, create, and design. Share your creations with us by using #qvsdmakers when you post to social media.

  • 3D Print Design
  • Coding
  • Digital Tools
  • Maker Challenges
  • Virtual Reality
  • Local Resources
  • Understanding Map

Many More related to Educators, Parents & Students 

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