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School of Educators a RNI approved magazine (Indian Media ) published quarterly ( print version ) and online read by .1 million educators, shares News, best practices and resources for empowering educators. SOE shares resources to spread the best education practices worldwide. Today when 87% students (as per survey ) are not able to reach for higher education due to poor education practices followed round the globe, SOE is bridging the gap for more and more students to reach colleges by providing teaching aids, books, professional development literature, etc. to empower educators and make schooling interesting to decrease the dropouts.

Today about 6 million teachers are to be trained to meet the demands of current education trend and SOE is a part of it to provide free teachers training. We are empowering the first time teachers (small and rural India teachers) to become empowered teachers. SOE is today empowering 1.5 million schools of India and same on globe Free of cost.

School of Educators have empowered 1 million with 2.5 million downloads (power point presentations, speeches, books, research papers, articles, etc.) of resources with more than 50 million article views in last 13 years for FREE.

Today when every organization is talking about the problems faced due to lack of teachers training, non availability of new teaching methodologies and mushrooming of B.Ed. shops, SOE is actually training teachers for free. The team SOE is motivated by Saraswati and not Lakshmi.SOE is also focusing on professional development by its Free Virtual School online.

Today when the teachers training text books have not changed from a long time we are there to bring out the latest and share it with the world. We cover both Scholastic and co-scholastic areas. A new idea, book or resource is shared everyday to prepare teacher for today and tomorrow.

SOE prepares educators to make them ready to face any change in education system, and providing resources and training for teachers to boost their morale and for their empowerment ,to show them that success is achieved only by "Learn, unlearn and relearn".These trainings help several teachers to put in their best throughout their learning process. The whole idea of SOE is to make educators a self motivated learner with the help of ICT.

SOE virtual school is the new process/tool of learning with the help if ICT and mobile technology. We are into capacity building of teachers for FREE. We are also helping into leadership development of teachers.

Finally SOE is a part of National mission ( 12th Plan ) to equip the real India (rural India)with the latest in the world by providing subject specific resource, vocational education resource, inclusive education resource and other resources so as to deliver right content to students.

Success of a nation depends on education of its people. Education has to be at the core of national development agenda. School education is perhaps the most important basic element of education system as it lays strong foundation for further learning. The learning and development of one teacher will translate into better education for thousands of students.

With this in mind, School of educators focuses on bringing forth innovative resources that help educators, administrators, principals and teachers in delivering better quality education to their students and to manage their Schools / colleges.


The concept of CPD can broadly trace its roots to the decades following World War II, when institutional bodies identified a need for structured further learning post formal qualification. Up until this point it had largely been assumed that qualified professionals would identify and initiate their knowledge enhancement requirements on a casual or voluntary basis. However, in an increasingly litigious and technologically advancing business and professional environment, the need became apparent for a more disciplined and structured approach to further learning. Over the past two decades this commitment to CPD has spread beyond those affiliated to institutional bodies and is now embraced throughout all sectors.


Allocating time for CPD is the individual's responsibility. They need to identify the CPD requirements for their school to understand how their CPD learning should be recorded and how much time is required. The level of CPD necessary for any individual can vary between sectors.

National Education Policy 2019 tend to expect schools to ensure a mandatory CPD policy is implemented across the various roles and job functions working within schools.

CPD enables an individual to regularly apply attention to areas of development and take appropriate action to reduce any deficiency in knowledge. Equally, an individual must see Continuous Professional Development as a way to remain competitive with his or her peers, and as an opportunity to differentiate themselves at moments where this may be required.

As more people become professionally qualified with similar qualifications, CPD can be important as a means of separating yourself from the pack.

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